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I Lost Feeling in My Clit. Here’s How I Got it Back I thought it would never happen to me. Until one day, it did. and if I was going to feel like myself again I had to step it up.

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I can't feel any good physical sensation at all, the inside (I guess the labia?) hangs down and is really, maybe hideously, loose (and I'm hearing that others are self-conscious about theirs too--that scares me) and I can't find my clitoris at all!

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I can't feel on my clitoris. Posted In: Clitoris Pain 0 Replies Posted By: Anonymous; August 19, ; AM; I am 20 years old, late this July I noticed a decreased sensitivity with my clitoris and now I can barely orgasm, it's like I can feel my muscles moving but I don't really feel anything besides that. Now to relay a chain of events I.

I don't feel anything. I thought I had the "hidden clit" which I think is called clitoris phimosis, but I checked with a mirror to be sure and nope, its there. not the largest thing, but its clearly there. I don't feel anything when I rub my clit. is it broken?:(Anonymous. Sexual Health. Facebook. Twitter. I don't feel anything. I thought. Can't find my clitoris gland, is there a surgery that can fix this? May 8, sommaren Costa Mesa, CA Cant find my clitoris gland. I have tried to pull back my clitoriahood but i can't. But I can feel my clitoris, and Its not small at all, when touching over the clitoriahood. Is this common? I think it had been like this all my life. What.
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Dec 19, · oh my gosh, i had the same problem until about 3 days ago:D well, there are the outer lips (im not going to use proper terms here) the ones that you see from the outside and the lips that are soft, red, and wet, inside of your "big lips" if you spread BOTH set of lips apart, the clitoris is found at the very top tip of the innner Resolved.

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The clitoris is a pretty awesome little organ. It doesn’t have a central role in reproduction like the penis or vagina — it’s basically just there to make you feel good! The clitoris has thousands of nerve endings in it, which makes it super sensitive. And for a lot of people, it can be too intense to touch directly. This means I cannot feel the glans of my clitoris no matter how aroused I get. But I do still have sensation in the body anteriorly. Crush injuries are theoretically possible. Compression injuries are possible. I would imagine this could happen even just from riding a bike or a straddle injury. Why can't I feel my clitoris anymore?

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I can't orgasm or find the right places on my anatomy. Share I have tried what many sites say, squatting over a mirror to get aquainted with my pink parts. I really can't see my clitoris. I see the urethra opening, but nothing else. you'll feel a spot that feels a little more textured and "spongy" than the rest of your vaginal canal. Nov 02, · Best Answer: what you have done to it is a very common element of the human body, and happens to men even. Our bodies are things of adaptation, we learn to adapt to repetitive things. You masturbating with your toothbrush, has slowly made your body adapt to Resolved.

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Lord, I’m so horny and dripping wet I can’t stand it, my clit is throbbing, so much. I need to come!! I need some woman licking my throbbing pussy I need to feel someone’s clit against mine, I would rub my clit so hard and fast over hers and lick her erect nipples and then taste her pussy covered in our sweet cum until she comes again and again mmmm I can’t stand it please talk. It's the same thing with me and I hate it! I can tell that I'm touching my clitoris and I feel the need to pee and an awkward tingling sensation, but it's not absolutely amazing like what people talk about. I can't find my g-spot either. I've only had sex once (I'm 19) and although it felt great, I couldn't orgasm. I .
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You really can't tell just by looking at it. 8. Every clit likes different types of stimulation. that might not feel great at all. Every clit is different. Like a snowflake on your vulva. Oct 19, · clitoris is numb , PM I feel no pleasure from anything. I could try to stimulate my clit for hours, and it feels no different from rubbing my elbow. during intercourse, I can feel what's happening but that's all. I get wet, but it only lasts for a few minutes because nothing's being stimulated. I can't say I have ever.

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